I Know, I Know!

 Sleuth Sisters #4 has been a long time coming, and to be honest, it isn't close to being ready.
For one thing, it needs a title.
The cover artist is booked until mid-February, which is okay, because without a title it would just be

A Sleuth Sisters Mystery
by Maggie Pill

We'll keep the theme of three wooden bars,with a representation of one sister on each. The season is autumn, so I'm guessing she'll choose something orange-ish for the background color, and I suggested purses this time: expensive and highly decorated for Retta, black and business-like for Barb, and a dollar store cheapie for Faye.

#4 concerns a lake and the property around it. There's also a flock of chickens in this one, so I've been trying to make chicken allusions ("Is that a chicken joke?" a la Jo Anne Worley for all you old folks).

Here's a list, none of which I'm completely in love with. I welcome your input and more suggestions.

A Coop Full of Murder
A Rat in the Hen-house
The Problem in the Lake
Murder on Brayton Lake
A Long, Tall Drink of Murder
A Lakeful of Trouble
Murder with Chickens


  1. Don't care what it is called; just want it asap.

  2. Forgot to say: I do like the idea of keeping the wooden bars.

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  4. Hi. Just began reading your books two week ago and love them! Finished all three on vacation last week, and very much looking forward to book #4!!

    Possible suggestions:
    A slaying on brayton lake
    Foul play at/on brayton lake
    Chicken foul play:)

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  5. Thanks, Asena! I might change the name of the water to something that allows alliteration, like Skinner Springs: Murder at Skinner Springs? Sleuthing at Skinner Springs? I keep thinking I'll know it when I hear it...


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