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...And the Cover

As my next Sleuth Sisters story takes shape, I need to send cover ideas to the artist. The Sleuth Sisters' format is three bars with something on each representing the sisters: shoes, purses, etc. I'm kind of thinking necklaces, but I'd be interested to hear readers' ideas.

What To Call It?

If you read the last few weeks' entries, you know the scenario for the next (5th!) Sleuth Sisters Mystery. Now we need a title. Here are the basics: Still three sisters Setting is a winery on the Leelanau Peninsula north of Traverse City, MI Case is investigating the possibility of "turning" the wife of a drug lord into an FBI informant Venue is a retreat for 50-plus women who aren't "liberated" and don't want to be Focus is a fashion show that will conclude the weekend and launch the fashion design career of the drug lord's long-suffering wife Witnessing a murder begins a tough time for Faye and Retta  Possible titles: Wine, Women, and Murder Girls' Weekend for Murder Dying to Be Chic I'm not in love with any of those, so if you have an idea, send it along--please!

Guest Poster-Barb

I told them I won't go. FBI or not, I can't stomach a full weekend of women gushing about spa treatments and this fall's must-have base color. Twaddle, as my Cornish co-worker used to say. If Faye is willing to accompany Retta and chat up this Dina Engel woman, good for her. I've looked into the situation and spoken with the FBI agent in charge. It isn't a dangerous assignment, since the woman's drug king/husband shows little interest in her new career and will remain in Detroit. The agent simply needs a couple of over-fifty women who fit in with Love-able Ladies (yes, they really do add the hyphen), and Lars suggested us. Retta certainly fits the profile of a Love-able Ladies groupie, and Faye will be her chaperone. I don't think they can possibly get into any trouble.

Guest Poster-Faye

Retta told you about the case on the Leelanau Peninsula. We're looking into the possibility of turning a drug lord's wife into an FBI informant. It seemed odd to me at first, since the woman has been married to the guy for decades, but the agent in charge says she seems to have changed over the last year or so. She's starting a fashion design business, and for the first time ever, appearing in public on her own. He thinks it means she's sick of the thug life. I guess that could be true, but my theory is that in this world of opportunism, the publicity would be a huge help in launching her business. Either way, we're going to attend the retreat where she will do a "mini-reveal" (I know, who cares?) of her new line of clothing for "mature" women. My comment on that? If your husband doesn't love you with lumps, he never really loved you in the first place.

Guest Poster: Retta

I'm here to give you a taste of the fifth Sleuth Sisters mystery, and it's so much fun! We take on a case for the FBI, and it involves a weekend at a winery/inn on the Leelanau Peninsula north of Traverse City, Michigan. I've always wanted to stay over there, and St. Millicent's is the newest, chicest (if that's a word) property in northern Michigan. The retreat celebrates the joys of being a mature woman, so there will be inspirational speakers, products and practices geared to women, PLUS food, fashion and wine! Hosted by Love-able Ladies, the retreat is all about why women should be happy to be women, whatever their age and body type. Of course Barbara Ann is going to hate every minute of it. I wonder if there's some way I could leave her home...