Twice the Crime This Time, Trailer Park Tales, Book #2



If you liked the people you met in ONCE UPON A TRAILER PARK,  here's a new adventure!

Beautiful Bird Over-55 RV Park in Florida is populated by interesting people, all "mature," and all unique. Here's what you'll find in Book #2 of Trailer Park Tales:

TWO intriguing mysteries. Which man in the park murdered two people back in 1967? And is there really a Peeping Tom in the park, as rumors insist?

Investigating are the four couples we met in Book #1 (though you can read this one as a standalone). They come from all over the country, and interact with neighbors  for a few months each year. The humor comes from learning about those neighbors' eccentricities, but also from the little "rubs" that spouses experience, often intensified by the small living space trailers provide.

Why can't he put his shoes somewhere they'll be out of the way?

Why does she need to have two complete sets of dishes?

Those are questions we might need to answer...along with who's perpetrating TWICE THE CRIME THIS TIME. 

Available in print and e-book formats. Audio is in the works.


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