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You Can't Beat Experience

North Fall in Michigan. You can't capture it in pictures, and at my age you'd think I'd know that.  In Alaska we took many, many photos, and nothing we got comes close to what it was like to be there. Grand Canyon: Ditto. Europe: Yup. Waterfalls in Minnesota: Same. And so on. So why am I compelled to take photos on my daily walks around my own property? Dunno. West East Pictures don't come close to revealing what it feels like to be in a beautiful place. They're flat. They're limited in scope. The colors don't reach out and grab the viewer. For example, the picture below, looking south, should be much brighter. The sun was lighting those trees up so much that it almost hurt my eyes to look, but the camera got a much duller result. We still try. South These views--these trees, plants, clouds, and critters (the geese below complained about my presence the whole way one day this week)-- have protected my sanity in dark times and

Shelley's Halloween Blog Quiz

Yesterday I did a guest post for Shelley ** on a Halloween-themed month. I promised her readers the answers here, but then I thought maybe my own readers would like a shot at the quiz I made up. So here it is, and the answers are below Find the answers in the grid horizontally, vertically, diagonally, backward, or forward.   1.        Ghost seen by Hamlet in Act I 2.        Scared schoolmaster in “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow” 3.        King of England who believed some witches chased his ship in a sieve 4.        ”The good little witch” of comic books 5.        Ghost’s rank in THE GHOST AND MRS. MUIR 6.        Poe’s beloved who returns from death 7.        Inspiration for Dracula 8.        Gaelic screamer 9.        Doctor for a werewolf? 10.    Voodoo practitioner who can reanimate corpses, making zombies I A I E G I L E C R O K O B