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Looking at Blogging Honestly

They'll tell you that you have to have a blog. They'll tell you your readers want to know what you're up to. They say blogging leads to sales. They. They. They. I think they might be wrong. I like blogging...sometimes. I like having something to tell my readers, like that a book is almost ready or POOF! Here it is! But I don't think many people read a blog just to know what I did last week. I say this after many years of trying to come up with fun and interesting blog posts. (Tweets, too, but that's another story.) Nobody much paid attention. That's not to say they're bad people or that my posts aren't worthwhile. People have other things to do with their lives...and so do I. So if you come here faithfully every week to see what existential musings I'm experiencing, you might be disappointed. This is my blog, but in the future it's going to be intermittent and book-related. I just don't think anyone cares if I decide to repaint my ki