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Peril, Plots, and Puppies Book #6

I often think of the Sleuth Sisters books as "belonging" to one sister or another. While they all play a role in every book, this one seems to be Faye's. Her concern for the dogs rescued early on in the story continues throughout the book, and we find that Faye has secrets her sisters don't suspect.
We know Barb's big secret, and it leads her into trouble early on. Will the Grammar Nazi be exposed? Charged with crimes? Embarrassed and humiliated?
And Retta has a decision to make. I think our understanding of her deepens in this story, and that's always fun.
I'm often surprised by reader comments, like "I can't stand Barb!" or "Somebody needs to slap that Retta." I guess it indicates they're real to us. And that's kind of cool for an author to know.

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