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Another Book. Ho-Hum

     Honestly, there is that "Ho-hum" aspect to it after thirty-plus books. I enjoy the writing and the editing and the putting it all together, but as RAINING CATS AND CATS gets closer to being ready for the world to see, I have to start planning promotions and hyping my work.I'm not very good at that part. First, I simply can't lie and tell you it's the best book you'll ever read. Second, I get tired of trying to grab readers' attention when 30,000 other authors are doing the same thing, every month, all year, every year. I've tried all the things "they" tell you to do to sell books: ads, blog tours, review sites, street teams. I haven't seen much evidence that any of them work. My LEAST touted book, THE SLEUTH SISTERS, became my best seller ever, all by itself. Books that I promote broadly, stories that I think are great reads, sit at only a few hundred sales. That makes it hard to get excited about hyping the next book, but here go

Cover Reveal: Raining Cats and Cats

 The second book of the Cats & Crimes Mysteries is with the editor, so I had time to think about covers and such. Before I forget, we chose Esmeralda as the new cat's name, and we'll call her Esme for short. Thanks to all who made suggestions. Somewhere, I have the name of the person who suggested Esme, and she will get a free copy of the book when it's available. Now, as for the cover. Please tell me what you think, because I can ask for changes if something doesn't look right.