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Another Writer Bites the Dust

I spoke with a woman the other day about what we were reading. She told me about a book she'd bought because the author is local. "The story wasn't bad," she said, "but I don't think he had an editor. I had to force myself to finish because there were so many mistakes." I'm guessing she will never buy another book by that author. Mistakes happen. In the book I'm reading at the moment, a big-publisher, hardcover offering I bought in a bookstore, the author says that the rescue workers needed a place to "lie" the wounded woman down. That hurt my English teacher heart, but for the most part, we can expect publishing-house books to be well-edited. Self-pubbed authors are often the worst. They don't hire an editor because they think they're "pretty good with grammar," or they have a relative or friend who is. It's not the way to go. You love your writing, and your momma (cousin, sister, whoever) loves you. An editor nee