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I Work My Fingers to the Bone for You...

You know the rest of it: All I get is bony fingers! I've spent the morning setting up this blog, and I'm pretty happy with it so far. I'll add things as I think of them or as visitors make suggestions. (Hint, hint!) I'd like to tell you about the inspiration for Styx, the dog in the second Sleuth Sisters book. I've known 2 Newfs well, since my son had one for a while and my brother still does. They're beautiful dogs, and if you read up on them you'll find that they're intelligent, loving, and loyal. So when Styx acts a little goofy in Book #2, it's just his personality, not the breed. Both the Newfs I know became extended family members young, and it was a little difficult for a while, having a puppy as big as a house. Bubba, the first Newf I "met" was a hole-digger, a drooler, and as sweet as a dog can be. Terra (short for Holy Terror) used to drag my sister-in-law around where SHE wanted to go and paid no attention to commands


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