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How About a FREE Print Book?

 Here’s the situation: I have books lying around my office that didn’t sell, largely due to COVID and the fact that I’m not interested in doing live book events anymore. (Too much travel, too many lonely hours in a bookstore.) Therefore, I’m offering a deal, ONLY to loyal readers of my newsletters/blog. Below is a list of what I have in my home inventory. Some are later books in a series, but no book depends on an earlier book to understand either the characters or the mystery. For the remainder of August, you can simply ask for a signed paperback copy of any book listed, and I’ll mail it to you FREE, for as long as the supply holds out. To take advantage of the deal: 1. Look over the list below and choose a book. (Numbers are limited, so don't wait.) 2. Send the title you’d like (Sorry, only one to a customer) and your mailing address to . Each book is featured on its own page here on the blog, so you can check to see whether you’ve read a it yet an

Tell Them How You Feel!

These days, we're bombarded with tales and videos of people "going off," telling everyone in a restaurant, store, or neighborhood how angry they are at that moment. A local restaurant owner actually closed her business in the middle of the Memorial Day rush because customers were so rude to her staff, who were running their legs off trying to keep up. People ( some people) feel entitled to say whatever they want, based on their perceptions and opinions at a given moment. How about we do the opposite? Tell people what's going on that's good. Tell people what you like about them. Tell people they're doing a good job. In the past week, I got two communications, one by mail and one on Facebook. Former students wrote, out of the blue, to tell me how much I meant to them back in the day when they sat in my class for a year. I've been retired from teaching for twenty years, so that happened a long time ago. It still meant a lot to me to hear it. I try to do my o