Confession--Good for the Soul, Right?

Here it is: I write books more for me than for you.

Early in my career, my agent asked me to write an Amish mystery. I said I didn't know much about the Amish, and she said it didn't matter. Amish mysteries were hot.

Yeah, no.

I have acquaintances in the biz who write "franchise" mysteries. The publisher owns the theme, maybe a coffee shop location or a schoolteacher protagonist. One person I know wrote a few James Bond books. Another is now Jessica Fletcher. They're paid pretty well to be unknown authors of someone else's ideas.

Um, no.

I've had publishers who wanted me to write more in a series that was selling well. I've had fans who ask for more stories about this character or that. If I feel like the story arc has ended...


I write what I want to write, what I feel like writing at this moment in time. I don't care if gazillions of people never hear of the book. I have fun putting it all together as I see the story. Yes, I get editing help and reader help and proofreader help, and I drive my friends nuts asking, "What if a character...?"

When you read a new Maggie Pill book, I hope you love it. But you can be sure that I loved writing it.

Or why would I? 

That said, I've settled on Cats and Crimes for the new book, which could become a series. Here's the first mock-up of the cover, but it's a long way from done (For example, I wavered between the word and or an ampersand and eventually chose the word) so tell me what you think.


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