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Status Update...and a Question for You

 Let's start with the question, and you can think about it while you read about the next Maggie Pill book. Which commercial makes you shout at your TV (or at least want to)? As to books, Cats and Crimes is with the content editor. I'm working with a new one, and she likes sending a few chapters at a time, so I correct my work in spurts, looking at her suggestions, taking notes, and changing the text. We're up to Chapter Eighteen (of 33). When that's done, it goes to the copy editor for more changes. When I've made them, it will be time to fit the MS into all the little boxes publishing requires. Amazon wants some things, like a "live" table of contents. Draft2Digital doesn't need that because they make one for me. Print books differ just enough between the two to make life miserable for a few days. My husband knows to tread quietly when I'm trying to make the covers fit into the different programs. I'm planning to have it up for pre-order by m