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News on the New Series

Preorder HERE Do you and your spouse disagree on *Who decides if the room temperature is "comfortable"? *What the car seat/mirrors/steering wheel placement should be? *Where things should be kept? *When it's time to go home from a party? *Why tomatoes need/don't need to be refrigerated? These and other spousal questions will be addressed in the Trailer Park Tales Mystery Series. What the Sleuth Sisters Mysteries does for relationships between sisters, this new Maggie Pill series does for spouses, making those little irritations funny by revealing their universality. (if that's not a word, I just laid claim to inventing it). Set in an over-55 RV park in Florida, Trailer Park Tales begins with Once Upon a Trailer Park.     Home Is Where the Trailer Is Beautiful Bird RV Park is a haven for snowbirds coming to Florida in the winter months as well as the home of permanent residents. Everyone is shocked when a corpse is found on the property