Guest Poster: Retta

I'm here to give you a taste of the fifth Sleuth Sisters mystery, and it's so much fun!
We take on a case for the FBI, and it involves a weekend at a winery/inn on the Leelanau Peninsula north of Traverse City, Michigan. I've always wanted to stay over there, and St. Millicent's is the newest, chicest (if that's a word) property in northern Michigan.

The retreat celebrates the joys of being a mature woman, so there will be inspirational speakers, products and practices geared to women, PLUS food, fashion and wine! Hosted by Love-able Ladies, the retreat is all about why women should be happy to be women, whatever their age and body type.

Of course Barbara Ann is going to hate every minute of it.

I wonder if there's some way I could leave her home...


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