What To Call It?

If you read the last few weeks' entries, you know the scenario for the next (5th!) Sleuth Sisters Mystery.
Now we need a title.
Here are the basics:
Still three sisters
Setting is a winery on the Leelanau Peninsula north of Traverse City, MI
Case is investigating the possibility of "turning" the wife of a drug lord into an FBI informant
Venue is a retreat for 50-plus women who aren't "liberated" and don't want to be
Focus is a fashion show that will conclude the weekend and launch the fashion design career of the drug lord's long-suffering wife
Witnessing a murder begins a tough time for Faye and Retta

 Possible titles:
Wine, Women, and Murder
Girls' Weekend for Murder
Dying to Be Chic

I'm not in love with any of those, so if you have an idea, send it along--please!


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