30 Days of Christmas Day 23: A Happy Pet

Those of you who keep track of me might recall that about a month ago, my cat decided she needed to sleep on the computer desk, between me and the screen. It made her happy, but me not so much,  since she'd playfully reach down every once in a while and swipe a claw at my swift-moving fingers.  Someone suggested I bring a second chair to the computer desk and make it hers. At first she wasn't sure (note the look on her face).
You want me this far away? Really?

Okay, I guess this is good

It took a procession of pillows and blankets before I found one that suited her, and I had to block the chair so it doesn't swivel and make her feel insecure. Now she spends most of the day there, even if I get up to do something else.
Of course, there's a caveat. I have to lift her onto the chair. If I'm not around, she gets up there just fine, but if I'm working, I have to listen to her cry until I stop typing and settle her in.

So today's topic: What makes your pet most happy? Is it a place? A treat? Something you do?


  1. What makes all of mine happy is sitting/sleeping with me. They have really nice beds but they aren't happy until they are right next to me or on top of me. Most nights I go to sleep with Spunky (1 of my cats) on me and Cindy (1 of the dogs) as close to me as she can get.

  2. Trouble used to sleep at my feet but as she gets older and colder, she's moved up to between us, which doesn't make her dad very happy.


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