30 Days of Christmas Day 7: Let's Surprise an Author!

Guess how this author picks winners for giveaways and such!
These days as many of my friends are authors as are not. I thought for the Dec. 1st post I'd tell you about someone else's books for a change. These people have no idea what I'm doing, so I'm hoping it's a nice surprise for the next few Tuesdays for them and possibly some new reading for those who read this blog.

Today's "honoree" is Janet, who has a book releasing today. She has two series published under pen names, and both are worthy of a read if you like cozy mysteries and haven't yet tried them.

The PTA Murders series is published under the name Laura Alden and features Beth Kennedy, recently divorced with two kids. When she gets drafted into more involvement in the local PTA, things start happening, and Beth is reluctantly drawn into sleuthing. The five-book series is notable to me because the humor is genuine, not derived from exaggerated characters who do unbelievable things.
Murder at the PTA
Foul Play at the PTA
Poison at the PTA
Curse of the PTA
Plotting at the PTA
See more here: http://www.amazon.com/Laura-Alden/e/B0058QKBH8

Janet's newer series, written as Laurie Cass, is the Bookmobile Cat Mysteries, which feature bookmobile librarian Minnie Hamilton and a cat named Eddie. Set in Michigan, the books again feature my type of humor, not zany but more observational, pointing out life's oddities in a droll way.
Lending a Paw
Tailing a Tabby
Borrowed Crime
Pouncing on Murder DEBUTS TODAY!!!
See more here: http://catmystery.com/

There really is an Eddie, and he really does help out, as you see above.


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