30 Days of Christmas Day 16: Pet Peccadilloes

A peccadillo is a behavior that is a little odd and particular to one person--or in this case, pet.
I've listed some pets we've had and their idiosyncrasies, and I invite you to share your list.

*A cat named Fred who went hunting with my husband, following at his heels like a hound whenever he left the house with a gun.
*A horse named Dolly who guarded the water trough and only let the cows and other horses drink when she felt they deserved it.
*A cat named Ching-a-ling who (somehow) climbed to the top shelf of a floor-to-ceiling bookcase and sat as still as a statue until just the right moment and then scared the bejeebers out of guests.
My sister & I with Laddie and Ching-a-ling
*A dog named Laddie who stayed under the bed as long as there was thunder outside.
*A dog named Gertrude who slept on our bed without permission but never got caught. When you started up the stairs you'd hear a thump, and on the bed there would be a small imprint, but she'd be gone.
*A cow that absolutely hated one of my dad's shirts and would throw a fit if he came into the barn wearing it.
*A cat named Taz who sat on his rear like this--very undignified!


  1. Animals do have unique quirks--just like humans. My list:
    *A dog named Tiny who would get on the back of the couch so he could bark at the dog in the mirror. Then he'd jump down and go racing into the room right behind the mirror and be surprised there was no dog. So, it was back on the couch, bark. etc. He'd do that until he was too tired to do anymore!!
    *A dog named Cisco who would eat anything--including sauerkraut--if he thought the cat wanted it.
    *A tomcat name Toopie(his owners called him "Stupid Cat" and when we moved nearby he came to live with us. My 2 yr old brother called him Toopie, so we did too.) We got a puppy and Toopie became her surrogate mother.
    *Above mentioned puppy, Mitzi, grew up thinking she was a cat and slept on the furniture like a cat would. She would only eat cat food.
    *A dog named Mandy who brought the paper in every morning. She was only shown how to do it one time! Smart little girl. She got quite upset if there wasn't a paper to carry in. She also got to where she would see the mail truck and go sit by the mailbox. The mail lady always gave her the mail.
    *A dog named Angel who molded her body into yours like her bones were putty.
    *A dog named Rhonda who acts like a bully but is really a chicken.
    *A cat named Feather who tears up every piece of paper she finds. She also doesn't meow. She makes a funny little noise.
    *A dog named Cindy who tore up the window blinds trying to get outside.

    All my babies have been unique and I've loved every one of them. All rescues, too. The best kind.

  2. That's quite a list, Donna, and you're right. They're all unique, which is why we love them.


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