30 Days of Christmas Day 9: A Pet Question

If you know the Sleuth Sisters, you've met Buddy, Faye's mongrel, and Styx, Retta's Newfoundland. You know Barb has formed a tenuous relationship with a stray cat. Book #2 had some horses join the family, and Book #3 took us to the family farm, where there are reindeer and peafowl.
In the 4th Sleuth Sisters book, chickens are an inciting factor--Bet you never heard that in a mystery before!

All this brought to mind a question for today's post: If money, space, and other possible drawbacks were somehow taken care of, what animal would you choose to get for a Christmas gift? (to add to the ones you already share space with, of course)


  1. If there were no obstacles, I would definitely get horses. I've always loved them. They are beautiful, intelligent, loving, and more. Actually, if there were no obstacles, I'd take in every local animal that needed a home--regardless of what they were. I'd have a veritable menagerie!

    1. We had horses growing up, and though my sister was the real horse person, I enjoyed riding. You and she would get along perfectly!

  2. If my dogs didn't have such a high prey drive (Siberian Huskies), I would rescue/adopt a cat. I've always liked cats, but it just isn't possible now. The dogs would probably love to chase the cat, but they play too hard and would hurt kitty. Maybe someday I'll become a cat lady; the good kind, not the hoarder type.

  3. I lean more toward cats than dogs, though my son's Basset is a great dog and my brother's Newf is the inspiration for Styx, Retta's dog in the books. Huskies are so beautiful, I guess they're worth being "only" pets.

  4. I would love to have a little mini goat. They are so cute and my Mother used to say that they make wonderful pets.

  5. Mini-goat? That's unique. I'm not sure I ever saw one.


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