The Deer Camp Widow's Pledge

Hubby left for deer camp on Tuesday, and I told him, "When you get home, I'm going to have the new book done."
But Tuesday I had some errands to run. Plenty of time to do it later.
Wednesday I had a lunch date with a friend. Did some shopping. Didn't feel much like writing when I got home.
Thursday was a dinner date with another friend. I did a little writing in the a.m. but couldn't really settle in.
Friday was Career Day at a local school. Then I drove up to see my MinLaw and did a little more shopping.
The weekend was spent with my son, who came up to hunt. (Yes, people from downstate come here to hunt and people from here go farther north. I can't explain it, but I guess it's like the thrill of shopping at a new mall, even though it has the same stores as every other mall you've ever been in.) That was great, but I didn't get much writing done even after he left because FOOTBALL.
So my husband called last night and in the conversation asked if the book was done yet.
"Not quite," I replied.
Like maybe two more pages than I had on Tuesday???
Today's the day to really hit it, so this post is finished!


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