Have You Got All the Cats?

 Here's Lorilee Riley's Rogues' Gallery. Can you name all 8 cats?









Answers below, and here's a review of the book, in case the cats haven't convinced you.

Cats and Crimes by Maggie Pill is an enjoyable read and much more than just a murder mystery. The story centers around Lorilee, a seventy-something woman learning to live alone after the recent and unexpected loss of her husband. Jess is a 17-year-old kid who has run away from home ... Their friendship and bond came from their love of cats. Lorilee has several and Jess has found a job and home with the local veterinarian. When Regina Dean’s body is found in Lorilee’s garden one morning, the adventure begins. Lorilee feels the police are not doing enough to find the killer and she enlists Jess as her helper to find answers and the killer. They form a strong bond and become like family to each other as they interview possible suspects. The love of cats, a noisy neighbor, a kind veterinarian, and an angry father keep this book exciting and hard to put down.

Cats and Crimes is really good. It was impossible not to like Lorilee or Jess and want them to find the criminals. They were unlikely companions but watching the friendship blossom made me smile and feel good. The mystery and the murder plus the bonding made it impossible to put Cats and Crimes down. Maggie Pill did an excellent job of creating realistic characters and putting them into a plot that never ended. If you are a lover of mystery, murder, friendship, or cats, this is a book that you cannot pass up because it has it all. It is a five-star plus winner.


Reviewed by Trudi LoPreto for Readers’ Favorite

And here are the stars of our story!

A. Fat Albert

B. Bruiser

C. Callie

D. Maew

E. May

F. Mayson

G. Professor Higgins

H. Special Ed


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