Cats and Crimes Release Day (Applause, Applause)

 The new book, Cats and Crimes, releases today in e-book and print formats at Amazon, B&N, Kobo, Apple, and anywhere else I can think of. Here's the cover, because I'm sure I haven't shared it ever before now. (Sarcasm)


Here's another review, in case you're still thinking about it:

Cats and Crimes is the latest murder mystery by Maggie Pill. Enter “crazy cat lady” Lorilee Riley. She’s a retired social services worker, with eight special cats, who finds more than she bargained for in her bed of flowers one morning: a corpse. Reluctant to get involved at first, Lorilee starts to get interested in solving the unfortunate young woman’s death when the lead detective snoops around her yard at 03:00 the following day. While trying to solve the murder, Lorilee becomes friends with the androgynous Jess and endeavors to get Jess out of the unfortunate predicament they’ve found themselves in. Ultimately, their investigation leads them straight into the murderer's path, and the two sleuths confront the murderer with a little helping paw from the cats.

Maggie Pill’s Cats and Crimes is a quirky whodunnit with plenty of appearances by eight special cats and a few goats thrown in for good measure. If anyone could solve a murder case it would be a cat lady, and Lorilee does not disappoint. Fiercely independent but loving to those who have earned her respect, she is what I aspire to be when I retire. Throughout the novel, Maggie kept me guessing about who the murderer was. At some point I really wanted it to be Lorilee’s nosy neighbor Mitzi, but alas Lorilee is stuck with her for a while, having to keep some of the best insults I’ve ever read in her mind. I might use some of them in the future. Cats and Crimes is a fast-paced and highly entertaining mystery for anyone looking to relax through a good book. 

Reviewed by Melanie Kennedy for Readers’ Favorite  

If you're still not convinced, you can download the first few chapters from Bookfunnel for FREE here: until the end of November.


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