The Sleuth Sisters Mystery Series

A book about sisterhood had been floating around in my mind for years, not teen-aged sisters or ethnic sisters or friends who are like sisters, but older siblings who know each other's strengths and weaknesses well and have learned to work with the strengths and gripe about the weaknesses among themselves.
One version of such a story is dark and creepy. I ignored that one.
Another version is THE SLEUTH SISTERS SERIES: truthful, often funny, but highlighting what sisters know: We love each other all the time, even though there are times when one of us needs to be smacked up side the head.
The book struck a chord with readers, and I started receiving messages about The Next Book. Okay, I wrote a second adventure for Barb, Faye, and Retta. It, too, has been well-received. I think this is the beginning of a beautiful sister-ship!

Available in print, e-book, and audible (ASAP-audio takes a while) at
Also Ingram (print only).  

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  1. I actually read 3 Sleuths... first and have just started The Sleuth Sisters.
    I love Barb's habit of correcting grammar - but in my Kindle version, when she corrects the Bar and Lounge sign, the correction shows up as deleting "and Lounge" but leaving alot uncorrected! (LOL as I was trying to write this, auto-correct wanted to make it "a lot"


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