Sleuth Sisters Book #3: Murder in the Boonies

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 Sleuth Sisters #3  


The abrupt disappearance of the renters at the Sleuth Sisters’ family farm presents Faye with the chance to do something she’s always dreamed of--start a retirement home for draft horses. Still, the  renters' departure is strange, and Faye, Barb, and Retta begin to suspect that at least some of the family members didn’t leave voluntarily.

Things just aren’t right in the boonies, and the sisters are determined to find out what happened. Along with managing a menagerie of abandoned animals, they search for clues as to where Ben, Rose, and her three young daughters might have gone. What they find is a series of surprises that lead to unimagined problems and eventually to dangers they couldn't have anticipated. Something hidden on the farm is attracting the interest of unsavory characters who have no qualms about hurting those who get in their way.

Barb continues her campaign to better the grammar of Allport, Michigan. Faye relishes the chance to care for animals nobody else wants. Retta plans more and better shopping excursions. Still, signs of impending peril keep them on alert.

The danger grows to full-blown disaster on Michigan’s beautiful Mackinac Island when they realize only they can stop an imminent attack on innocent, unsuspecting people. Can three middle-aged women manage such a feat? If they can, it will be by combining their talents. How can they fail when they have Sister Power?


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