Sleuth Sisters Book #7: Captured, Escape, Repeat

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In their new adventure, Faye and Barb get a call from Retta in Green Bay, Wisconsin. She and boyfriend Lars were on their way to his home in New Mexico when he vanished, leaving behind a message Retta insists is fake. When the sisters reunite to search for him, things get weird and more dangerous by the hour.
Central to the mystery of Lars' disappearance are three sisters much like Barb, Faye, and Retta, but a few decades farther along in life. Are Betty, DeeAnne and Lydia three harmless old ladies, or are they dangerous criminals?
Of course our girls count on Sister Power to help them out, but in this case they need more than that. Aid comes in the form of a player from the Green Bay Packers, a feisty woman in her seventies, and Styx, the strong-hearted Newfoundland who'd die before he'd let anything happen to Retta.


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