The Sleuth Sisters: Book #1

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Having Sisters Is Great, Right?
Of course it is, but there are times know!
Like the women in THE SLEUTH SISTERS, I have two sisters I love very much. That doesn't mean we're alike. Sisters are close because of shared genetics and early experiences, but their lives spin out in unique ways. 

Our differences drive our siblings crazy, but our similarities will bring us back to each other, time and time again.

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Recently unemployed, Faye Burner talks her semi-retired sister Barbara into opening a detective agency. Their first few months are disappointing. No one in their small town believes two fifty-something women can succeed as detectives.

Faye wants to ask their well-connected sister Retta for help, but Barb insists she's too bossy and manipulative to be part of their business. While that's true, Faye can't resist letting Retta in on their first real case when they're hired to find Neil Brown, a man accused of murdering his wife and brother-in-law. While Retta is helpful, Barb and she are both interested in the handsome new police chief, which makes having them in the same room together uncomfortable.

When the sisters locate Brown, bad things begin to happen, escalating from scare tactics to assault to murder. Someone doesn't want the old case stirred up, and that person is willing to kill again. If the Sleuth Sisters don't work together, they'll be less one sibling!


  1. Loved the lesson on reflexive pronouns and the use of "myself' a particular pet peeve .

  2. I enjoyed so many things in this book! I live in The UP & have often fantasized about fixing signage like a vandal with a cause! It's bad enough to listen to folks butcher the language, but to have to read it, too! I also enjoyed reading my feelings on the word thaw! Every Yooper knows that ice melts during spring thaw, but will insist they need to unthaw their frozen pipes in the winter! Thanks for the great read & I will definitely recommend this book!

  3. Thanks for writing. So many people agree with Barb, even if they (we) don't have the nerve to actually do it. I'm a troll by about 50 miles, but we love the UP and consider it our place to escape for a day or two of peace and quiet.


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