About Me

Crazy-hiking in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula

Who is Maggie?

One of those people who was told all her life: “You should write a book.” 

There. I did it.

Why Mysteries?

That’s what I read, mostly. I enjoy all kinds of mysteries, from cozy to tough P.I.s (as long as they don’t start torturing people).

Bobbi & Harry: They like each other–sometimes!

Why cozies?

“Cozy” is sometimes used dismissively, as if the sub-genre isn’t worthy of attention. I think good cozies appeal to readers because the protagonists are like us, but maybe a little more courageous. They usually have some humor, which is good, too.
What about those critters?
My animals run my life sometimes, but that’s what retirement is all about, right? Having more time to be with those you love?

I've always loved animals. (I'm the cute one!)


  1. I enjoyed reading The Sleuth Sisters very much. Will there be more books in this series?

  2. Thank you for letting me know! The fourth SS mystery is solidifying in my head. I hope to write it down starting in October, but it takes time for all the bumps to get worked out, so I'd say it won't be out until spring of 2016.

  3. I've just finished book #7 (all 7 in roughly 2 months). I'm hoping for #8 to #infinity. In the meantime, I think these books would make great Hallmark mysteries!


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