Sisters: Where You Came In

There's a lot of study of birth order and how it affects a person's behavior. I suppose it has to have some effect, but so do a lot of other things. Here are a few.

What were things like for your parents when you were born? Were they happy? Financially secure? Ready for a baby...or another baby?

What's the setting for your childhood? Did you have wide open spaces to roam? Was it safe?

What was the family dynamic? Were there siblings? Grandparents? Extended family nearby?

Answers will vary, but here's a short version of my early life. My parents were rural and poor but happy and hard-working in 1950. They lived on a family farm, so while there wasn't a lot of money, we always had lots to eat. I was their first child as a couple, and while the family eagerly awaited a male child (Dad was the only son of an only surviving son), I never felt unwelcome for being a girl.

The farm was safe, and I went pretty much anywhere I chose from daylight till dark, either alone of with my sisters and a large group of cousins who visited often. My grandparents' house was steps away from ours, and I was in and out of their house all day. It was the childhood America thinks of when they consider the "good old days," but I'm aware that things were not like that for many people back then.


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