What Do I Tell Aspiring Writers?

When people find out that I write, they often ask for advice. What they want to hear is that I love their idea for a book, that I'm going to IMMEDIATELY tell my agent about it, and I can guarantee they're going to make a ton of money.

None of those things is likely.

I might or might not love your idea for a book. I'm one person, and what I think really (I mean REALLY) doesn't matter.

I no longer have an agent, but even if I did, my recommendation would mean little except she might take a look. Agents judge on what they like and what they can sell (The second is more important, but the first part makes them more invested in the project.)

And if you sell a book, your chances of making the money you'd like are pretty small. Most of us are happy with very little. (Experts say most authors make less than $1000/year and most books sell less than 100 copies.)

My advice? IF none of the above dampens your enthusiasm for writing, you're a writer.


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