Ch-ch-changes--Looking at Winter Differently

I had two events this week, a Career Day presentation at a high school about seventy miles away and a book signing over a hundred miles from home. A winter storm hit Michigan that seems to be endless, stretching from Wednesday through Sunday with blizzardy winds and plenty of snow to blow around.
I was about to cancel the school visit when hubby informed me they'd canceled school for the day. Though I'd prepped for the visit with handouts and candy and funny little anecdotes, all I felt was relief.
Last night after watching the weather forecast, I canceled the book signing as well, which meant de-reserving a hotel room I might still have to pay for (I hate that.) I was supposed to join three author friends, and we'd made it a party with Santa hats and the silly billing, "Four Women of Death." I love the folks at Horizon Books in Traverse City, so I hate wasting their time and energy. Still, I was relieved once I'd made the calls and arranged to stay home.
My point is that I've reached an age where it just isn't fun anymore to brave the elements for fame and glory, and I think hubby has too. Once we both would have considered a trip in possible storm conditions to be a challenge. Now it's just--um, no. But thanks for asking.


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