Well, That Didn't Work!

Last week I promised news of our visit to a horse rescue. My sister and I planned it for my visit to her last week, while hubby was on a fishing trip.

Not gonna happen. (So the pic on the left is bogus, and I admit it!)

We tried, we really did.

In the first place, though it had a website, there was no address given, which I guess means they don't want company. A little exploration on the Net found a mailing address, but it was in the city, on a residential block with houses squashed together and not room for one horse, let alone many. There wasn't even anyone at home to ask if we could go out and pet the horses.

I get that they probably don't want casual visitors who interrupt their routine, but it seems like it would be good PR to allow it, maybe once a week. People would be more likely to donate to the cause that way.

We're not giving up. We plan to visit a different rescue place, but it won't be until the end of July. We'll keep you posted on that one.


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