Division of Labor

For me, Monday is Chore Day. I have a list of things I do: laundry, cleaning, watering plants, etc.  My husband tends to do his chores as he notices them, and he's pretty good about noticing. I stick with Mondays because then I know things got done at least once a week. Otherwise, I'd just write books and forget housework.

What I've noticed is that our chores have shifted in retirement. In years past, he did "outside stuff" and I did "inside stuff". Now vacuuming hurts my back, so he does that. We admitted to ourselves that he's the better cook (and the one who cares if we eat regularly), so he does that, too. Gradually he took over things like taking out the trash, shopping for groceries, and returning bottles for refund.

If it sounds like I've become a slacker, that might be true. Still, I take responsibility for the house being clean and the bills being paid. I maintain our flowerbeds, though he's pretty much taken over the vegetable garden (my back doesn't like that either). He's taken on more "homework" due to fewer demands on his time, and I'm very grateful that he's willing. I do try to keep up with my chores, though, first so I'm not a slacker and second so I get out of this chair once in a while.

Anyone else find chores shifting over the years of your relationship?


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