Freebie Cats and Crimes

 There's less than a week left to get Cats and Crimes as a free e-book from Bookfunnel either here:

or here:

The way Bookfunnel works is that readers are offered free e-books of a certain genre, bundled together to suit the reader's taste. I signed up for two cozy mystery giveaways this month. Clicking on the link will get you a list of free cozies you can choose from.

Cats and Crimes is the first of the Cats & Crimes Mysteries, and the second, Raining Cats and Cats, is available for purchase all over the place.  

They're both also in audio from Amazon (Audible). If you'd like a code for a freebie on either, I have them, in hopes (of course), that you'll submit a review somewhere when you're finished listening.

Oddly, the fourth book of the series is banging around in my head, but not the third. Not sure what I'll do about that.


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