It's Been a Month? Really?

 I try to blog monthly, and the "experts" advise blogging weekly.

Yeah, right. No way is my life that exciting or my advice that critical to world peace.

I will say that CATS AND CRIMES is doing well. I've had compliments on the cover and the characters, particularly the cats.

If you're getting desperate for Christmas gifts and you have a mystery/cat lover on your list, buy it HERE.

On the philosophical side, I've been considering why cozies are so popular. I think there are several reasons: they're funny, they're not scary, and, possibly most important, the bad person gets punished in the end.

We live in a world where the guilty get away with far too much. (No, I don't believe it's worse now than it was before. We just get it shoved in our faces all day, every day.) The guilty have often escaped punishment with their money, their fame, lies and deceit, and, for whatever reason, the inaction of the rest of us. 

But in a cozy, some amateur with nothing more than pluck and determination goes after the killer or the cheat or the bully and takes him/her down, restoring order to his/her little corner of the universe.

In other words, cozy mysteries are the modern version of classic literary themes, but with humor.

And in my case, cats.


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