I Might Be Prejudiced


I have started listening to narrators for the audio version of the second Trailer Park Tales book, Twice the Crime This Time. I had a contract with a narrator a year ago, but COVID intervened, and the contract was never fulfilled. Now I'm looking for a new narrator, and I posted the audition yesterday. This morning I had three auditions...all men. I never thought about having a male narrator. The first book was read by a woman I've worked with before, and I didn't think about it much. Still, the stories are told by four men and four women, so it shouldn't matter who does the reading. Listeners will have to accept the change to another reader no matter what, so why shouldn't it be a male? All three auditions were good. So is it my prejudice that makes me think I should hear a woman reading this? 
I'm afraid so. I will wait a day or two in order to get the best narrator I can find, but I need to get over the idea that a woman can read men but a man can't read women. I admit it--I was prejudiced, but I'm working to get past it.                       


  1. Given the entertaining way you devote every chapter to the “voice” of either the wife or husband in each couple, I don’t suppose you could have both a male and a female narrator? Nah, that would probably cost too much, but sure would be fun! (BTW, I really enjoyed both of the trailer park books.)


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