What I Worry About v What Actually Happens

I'm pretty good at worrying, though my dad was a believer in the adage that worry solves nothing in the future and spoils everything in the present.

Here are some things I worried about in March:
Old cat would die.
No one would like the newest Sleuth Sisters book, Peril, Plots, and Puppies.

We would have trouble getting home from Florida because of traffic.

Here's what actually happened:
Old cat rallied and is now back to running the house the way she likes it.
in front of the heat vent
People have been nice to the new book, and it's selling well.
The trip home was uneventful (except for the day I dropped 174 loose pages of manuscript all over a motel lawn, but we think we got them all back).
The furnace quit.
The garage door wouldn't open.
The car dashboard lit up like a Christmas tree as we pulled in the driveway.
Our internet installation was delayed by a week. (Did you get that? NO internet for a week!)
Michigan got hit with a HUGE winter storm that isn't over yet: snow, ice, sleet, rain--you name it, we've got it.

On the good side, we're home, safe, and warm.

So Dad was right. Worrying doesn't change anything, and because Karma loves surprises, you'll never be smart enough to worry about the right things anyway.


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