March Is Release Month for SS#6!

I have three weeks to make sure everything is AOK for the 6th Sleuth Sisters Mystery, Peril, Plots, and Puppies.
I think I'm ready.
Preorders are available on Amazon:
It will be available from all ebook providers, B&N, Kobo, etc.
Print version is coming along.
Reviewers are pre-reading (they like that).
I'm sure there are things I should be doing, but I can't think of what they'd be.

In this book, the sisters take on two cases: shutting down a puppy mill and finding a murderer. Neither their client nor the puppy mill owner is fun to deal with, and the added complication is that Barb was seen near the murder scene, doing a Correction Event as the Grammar Nazi. Each sister has her own concerns, but of course they come together when it's time for Sister Power.


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