Men Are from Crazy, Women Are from Insane

Human Brain Analysis - Man vs. Woman......Complementary nature! - Kalvi Kalanjiam - Kalvi Kalanjiam

Yesterday I was discussing (with my sister, of course) the differences between the way men and women think. Science tells of linear brains versus circular brains. Men (and of course not ALL men) tend to think in a straight line, which gets them to a decision fairly quickly, even if it's not the best one. Women (and of course not ALL women) tend to think in circles, which makes the decision process more difficult.

My example in the conversation with my sister was eating out. My husband always asks where I'd like to eat when we're out for the day. I always offer two or three choices that I think are good ones. He finds that annoying: "Just tell me where you want to eat," he'll say. However, I know that secretly he's already decided where HE wants to eat. He's being polite by asking me to decide. I'm being polite by trying to share the decision. Finding a place to eat shouldn't be so hard.

Anyone else have this going on in their lives?


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