The Wrecking of the Car

I'm sitting in the left lane, waiting to make a turn, when a car coming from the other way loses control on the snowy, slippery road, does a circle, and crashes head-on into my dependable little Ford Escape (no escape from that!)
I am fine. My car is not. It manages to get me to my motel, only a few blocks away, but there it reveals extensive injuries. A few days later, the insurance company totals it out.
In the eight days since this happened, I've felt lucky, unlucky, lucky.
I'm certainly lucky to come through a head-on collision unscathed. (Well, there is a bruise on my left knee.) No one was seriously injured. I'm lucky my insurance company was so nice about it, waiving the deductible because I was sitting still at the time, minding my own business.
Unlucky? Try living without your car for a while, especially when you live in a rural area. I can borrow hubby's truck when necessary, but it isn't the same. I've had my own vehicle since I was sixteen, pretty much. I'll admit, I'm addicted to being independent.
Lucky--tomorrow we pick up my new car at the dealership. Of course it wasn't free, so that might be on the unlucky side, but I'm grateful to be able to afford it.
Overall, I'm one lucky person, even if there was a moment of abject terror when I saw that car ice-skating toward me.


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