Grand Hotel & Book Goodies

JoBe Cerny & Maggie Pill

Leaving Mackinac Island--yes, it did snow!
Saturday I traveled to Mackinac Island to sign at Grand Hotel. It was cool, so I have to tell you about it. The weekend was a celebration of the movie Somewhere in Time. Each year the hotel hosts the event, and actors who were in the movie return to the place it was filmed and meet their fans.

How does Maggie Pill fit in to a celebration of a Christopher Reeve/Jane Seymour film? Maybe not so much, BUT--
My audio book producer, JoBe Cerny, was in the movie all those years ago. Now he owns his own studio in Chicago and does voiceovers (He's the Pillsbury Doughboy) as well as a lot of other creative things, including writing mysteries. He decided that since he'd be on the Island and I was so close, I should come up for the day and sign with him.

Niece Samantha and I started early and caught the ferry then took a horse-drawn carriage to Grand Hotel. (For those unfamiliar with Mackinac Island, no cars are allowed there.) It was cold, but there were still people everywhere, and Sam gamely steered my suitcase full of books around bicycles and baby carriages.

We found JoBe at the hotel and spent an enjoyable few hours with him, meeting people from all over the world. Many were dressed as people from the era (1912), and the costumes were gorgeous. One woman from Georgia was surprised to find that we in Michigan use the term *boonies*. She thought it was strictly a southern word for "way far away from everything."

It was a great day, and I wish I'd taken more pictures, but I tend to forget to do that when there are people to talk to. Sam did take the two above, so I have proof we really went.

And the BOOK GOODIES part? Book #3 of the Sleuth Sisters Mysteries, MURDER IN THE BOONIES is featured at Book Goodies right now.
If you haven't taken a look at it, please do.
Now I'll get back to writing Book #4...


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