The Cat Has Spring Fever--But Not Me

One of us spends a lot of time looking out the windows at the snow.

One of us wanders through the house, clearly wishing she could walk somewhere more interesting.

One of us complains a lot about it in a loud voice.

One of us naps, not from exhaustion, but from boredom.

Okay, maybe both of us do those things.

Like the cat, I long to go outside without getting my feet cold/wet/muddy. I want to see living things like wildflowers, trees with leaves, and the shoots of daffodil, crocus, and hyacinth that grow around my house when spring arrives. And I might have mentioned from time to time lately that I'm really tired of winter.

While I'm like the cat in a lot of ways, I don't look forward to eating the chipmunks that have begun to appear in the side yard. We suffer from the same malaise, but we differ on that one little point.


  1. What, no chipmunk stew! How sad.

  2. Spring is here for me. I love how everything is alive with new growth. However, I don't look forward to summer. I hate the heat and humidity.

  3. It's hard to imagine that we'll be complaining about that soon!

  4. Hang on...Spring always appears ...sometimes "almost overnight". I'm hoping it will be in full swing by the time I return to our lovely cold state!!!

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