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Monday, September 11, 2017

To Be or Not To Be--That Is the Problem


I know what my fans will say if I ask: Should the Sleuth Sisters series be done? I've already heard it from some: "No! We love them!"

I get that. But what is the saturation point for a series?

I always thought it was five books, but I've got #6 mostly done, and I like it. The sisters still have issues to work through, and the two cases this book covers are interesting (There are dogs in one; that's always good.)

But in my own reading, I tend to lose interest when a series goes on too long. Yes, I've read twenty-three Sue Graftons, but I space them out so I don't get sick of Kinsey. I love Harry Bosch too, but I was pleased to see that Connelly expanded to the Lincoln Lawyer books and is trying out a new character in The Late Show. 

I think I'll know if there should be another Sleuth Sisters book. What happens is my brain starts telling me the story when I'm ready to write it down. There's no telling when that will happen. It could be next year. It could be the year after, since it will take a while to get Book 6--Plots, Perils, and Puppies--up and available.

But I think I'll know when it's time.



  1. Well, whatever you, don't discontinue writing, we love reading your creative thinking that you put in your work. Please keep us entertained. much love. xo

  2. Was happy to read there will be a six edition. I binge read the first 5 Sleuth Sisters books and thoroughly enjoyed each.
    Don't limit yourself because of some preconceived number. I think you will know when there is not another SS story to tell and we as readers have to respect your decision. Thanks

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