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The Sleuth Sisters (Book 1) Discussion ?'s for Book Clubs

The Sleuth Sisters (Book 1) Discussion ?'s for Book Clubs

1. Barb’s secret campaign for grammatical correctness brings a strong response from readers. What facets of her personality lead to Correction Events? Why don’t most of us do things like this?

2. Faye is a peacemaker whose hidden depths and talents come out in a crisis. What in her background explains her ability to cope with any situation?

3. Retta is the baby of the family. Do you think this contributes to her bossy attitude and sense that she’s always right?

4. How realistic is the reaction of the town and law enforcement to the idea of “lady detectives”?

5. The new chief of police creates several possible conflicts in the story. Were you satisfied with the resolution of the sisters’ rivalry over Rory Neuencamp?

6. The mystery to be solved in this book is a cold case. What factors contributed to years of injustice for Neil Brown?

7. The theme for the Sleuth Sisters Mysteries is “Sister Power!” Give examples of how the sisters combine their strengths to get the job done.

8. One enjoyable aspect of cozy mysteries is the cast of secondary characters that add color and humor. Which people in this book would you like to see again in future stories?

9. The book’s setting showcases life in the northern part of Michigan. What geographical features did you think added to the story?

10. In subsequent books, readers get to know Barb, Faye, and Retta better. What themes would you expect will run through the series?

11. Cover art is important to books these days, and the artist for this series, Clarissa Yeo, does a great job of tying the series together with the 3-rail theme and items that symbolize the sisters' differences. Which cover is your favorite?

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